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Haiku-a-Day #174

life’s harshest setbacks
are rest stops meant to steel us
in this race called life

*Inspired by the prompt Wrinkle from The Daily Post.

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Drabble #034

The day the world ended was a strangely peaceful affair.

There were neither waves, nor earthquakes, nor toxic explosions blowing everyone up to the skies.

Grandma Lily was among the first to go, vanishing in a thin wisp of smoke right before my eyes.

Everyone else followed soon after, fading into nothingness like visions of a bad dream.

I’m the only one left now, and I don’t think I’ll be going away anytime soon.

People often overlooked me when the world was still alive.

Would it be too much of a stretch to assume that God has forgotten me, too?

*Inspired by the prompt Inkling from The Daily Post.
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Drabble #033

“He’s in my head, Mommy!” her daughter would insist in tears while pointing at the buzzing static.

“There’s no-one there, Amy,” an impatient Kelly would quip, turning the television off.

It didn’t bother her the first few times Amy claimed to hear flute music, then voices from the empty broadcast. And even if she has grown worried, it’s more for her daughter’s sanity than anything else.

Amy disappeared a week after she began having the nightmares.

And Kelly spends entire days and nights in front of the buzzing television now, straining to hear her daughter’s screams from the other side.

*Inspired by the prompt Inscrutable from The Daily Post.
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